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Lesson Plan

Safety Interlocks

(25 minutes)

Introduction (3 p.)
Interlock Basics (13 p.)
Safety Circuits (13 p.)
Mechanical Interlocks (11 p.)
Magnetic Switches (8 p.)
Conclusion (2 p.)

Learn how interlock switches work, types available and how they are used in machine safety applications.

Safety Interlocks > Magnetic Switches
How it works
The magnetic interlocking switch safeguarding system consists of three components: a multiple-reed switch sensor, a coded magnet, and a controller (safety) module to meet high levels of safety circuit integrity.

Magnetic interlocks use a reed switch, which is electrical switch that is operated by the introduction of a magnetic field. For example, when a magnetic field is introduced, the reed switch’s normally-open contact will close and the normally-closed contact will open.

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