New Wireless Sensors Offer Greater Precision for Monitoring Content Levels in Small Containers

K50U Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor Image

K50U Series Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors are now available in models developed specifically for use in small tanks, totes, barrels, and 55-gallon drums. These models have a 100 - 1000 mm sensing range. The smaller dead zone (0 - 99 mm) enables greater precision in measuring and monitoring content levels in small containers and other space constrained deployments.

Key Benefits

Wireless Connectivity: Used in combination with a Performance Series 1-Wire Serial Node or a Multihop Modbus Radio, a K50U will provide content level information from remote and mobile assets without the expense or hassle of running communication wire.   

Easy Installation: The K50U has a 1¼” (3.175 cm) NPT connection that simplifies installation on a wide range of containers. Brackets for the K50U (sold separately) support the sensor and a wireless node or radio, essentially forming a single unit that is easy to mount and move from container to container.

Long Battery Life: Lithium batteries will power both the K50U and the connected wireless node or radio for two or more years at default sample rates.

Featured Products

Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors: K50U Series
Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors: K50U Series

The K50U ultrasonic sensor makes it easy to monitor mobile and remotely located tanks and totes.

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