Profiling Clear Glass Plates and Detecting Broken Edges

Clear Glass Detection Image

Application: Detecting the presence of glass on a conveyor

Challenges: Sensors can easily pass through glass and present low contrast for detection

Solution: Banner Engineering's EZ-ARRAY

Benefits: Customizing EZ-ARRAY receivers allows for detecting the low contrast edges

Clear objects such as glass present unique challenges in sensing situations where EZ-ARRAYs have traditionally been used. The beams of the EZ-ARRAY could potentially burn through the clear object, producing inconsistent sensing results. A solution is needed that will reliably detect clear objects in applications that require a measuring light curtain.


To meet this need, Banner Engineering has created a special class of EZ-ARRAYs specifically designed to detect clear objects in clean industrial environments. By customizing standard EZ-ARRAY receivers to successfully detect low contrast and operate at a lower sensing range (30 to 1500 mm), Banner has enabled EZ-ARRAY Clear Object Measuring Light Curtains to detect translucent objects such as glass.

In the application shown, the EZ-ARRAY is mounted above and below the glass plate, looking for the edges as it travels on a conveyor. Beam status can be tied to a corresponding measurement mode and converted to analog values. The data can also be sent out of the Modbus 485 wires to a PLC or HMI panel.

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EZ-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain

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