Detecting and Indicating the Presence of a Tipped Bottle

Communicating the Presence of a Tipped Bottle Image

Application: Sensing and indicating a tipped bottle

Challenges: Detecting a clear bottle filled with clear liquid

Solution: WORLD-BEAM QS30 Water Sensor and EZ-LIGHT K50 Push Button Pick-to-Light

Benefits: The QS30 Water Sensors have an infrared wavelength that is tuned to the absorption band of water


In bottle filling applications, long assembly lines carrying bottles at high speeds are used to efficiently move the bottles through the various stages of the filling process. A tipped bottle could cause a jam on the line, leading to costly work stoppages. A solution is needed that will clearly communicate to maintenance workers where a bottle has tipped.


EZ-LIGHT K50 Push Button Pick-to-Lights will alert workers to the location of a tipped bottle by changing the color of the applicable EZ-LIGHT from green to red. Using an elevated mounting system to increase visibility, workers will be able to quickly identify the location of the tipped bottle and clear it, preventing prolonged work stoppages.

In this application, the K50 Push Button Pick-to-Lights are paired with WORLD-BEAM QS30 Water Sensors. These sensors, which use an infrared wavelength specifically tuned to the absorption band of water, are able to detect the clear bottles filled with a clear liquid. The sensors are looking for the presence or absence of the bottles, and the output will turn ON or OFF accordingly. As long as the output is consistently switching from ON to OFF, the line will continue to run.

If a tipped bottle passes the sensor, however, the output will be activated for an extended period of time and a signal will be sent to a PLC. The PLC will stop the line and activate the EZ-LIGHT at the location of the tipped bottle, switching the color of the light from green to red. This will allow workers to quickly find the source of the potential jam. Once the bottle has been cleared, the maintenance worker will press the push button on the EZ-LIGHT, signaling to the PLC that the line can be restarted. Once the PLC verifies that the line is running it will change the color of the light from red back to green.

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