Hot Glue Detection on a Package

Hot Glue Detection on a Package Image


To identify food packages missing hot sealing glue, before the flaps are closed.


Banner’s T-GAGE M18T temperature sensor is ideal for hot glue verification because it detects the infrared energy an object emits to determine its temperature, sensing from 0⁰C to 300⁰C.

In this application, the T-GAGE M18T temperature sensor detects the presence or absence of hot glue on the flaps. If hot glue is present, the package will continue down the manufacturing line;if it is missing, the output will trigger a pusher arm to kick the carton off the conveyor into a bin.

The sensor can be programmed by static or dynamic teach and with discrete or analog outputs. It is available with an IP67 18mm stainless steel housing with a food grade face.

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