LE550 Discrete Loop Control [Video]


This video tutorial will demonstrate how to change the sensor's discrete output mode and use the mid point teach to set up the discrete output's limits.

When first powered on the LE begins in run mode, displaying the pressent distance and analog measurement.

Click the enter button to access the sensor menu.

The first option within the sensor menu is the analog output submenu.

Click down to the discrete output option and click enter to view the discrete output submenu.

First is two point static teach.

Click down to cycle through the other options until getting to Mode.

Click enter to access the mode options.

The default discrete output setting is a normally closed window from 100 mm to 1000 mm.

The window can be changed to normally open so the output is on if the target is not present or outside the taught window.

In this example, the window will remain normally closed so the output is on when a target is located between the two switchpoints.

Click up to cycle back to the Teach mid option and click enter.

First set the size of the window.

Click enter to edit the window size.

Holding up will increase the window size and click enter to co nfirm your change.

Next, click down to TchMdPt and press enter.

After a successful teach, the sensor will flash the value taught as the middle of the window.

In this case a 300 mm window was taught about 250 mm, so the discrete output is from 100 mm to 400 mm.

Holding back will return to the run screen.

As the tension increases or decreases and the loop leaves the taught discrete window, the output will turn off.

The sensor's LEDs or this K50 light provide easy visual indication to the operator that the target is out of the taught range.

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