Add Wireless Connectivity to Any TL70 Tower Light Using an Easy-to-Install Wireless Communication Segment


The new TL70 wireless communication segment makes it easy and affordable to add network connectivity to any TL70 Tower Light with a standard base. he segment houses a Sure Cross® Node and antenna which enables two-way communication between a TL70 and other network devices. This eliminates the hassle and expense of running cable and altering infrastructure to connect devices in a wired network.

Key Benefits

Easy Installation and Setup: Turn and click the segment into position on a standard TL70 base, bind the Node to a DXM Wireless Controller or Sure Cross Gateway, and begin communicating. Machine inputs power the segment, eliminating the need for a constant source of power.

Remote Monitoring & Control: Segment sends and receives data to and from network-connected devices, allowing users to monitor and update status from any network-accessible location.

Real-Time Alerts: Based on data from the TL70, a DXM Wireless Controller can send SMS texts and/or email alerts to notify staff of any change in status that requires immediate attention.

Improve Performance and Efficiency: Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other productivity metrics using data collected by the DXM from the TL70. 

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Segmentos de Torre de Luz LED Modulares TL70

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