Key Benefits

The SLC4 is the latest addition to Banner’s line of compact, low-profile safety light curtains, which includes the full feature LP Series and cost-effective LP Basic Series. These safety light curtains are now available in lengths of 160 mm up to 1250 mm, including new 410 mm and 690 mm models of the LP Basic safety light curtain 

Compact Design: The low-profile and short 160 mm length of the SLC4 enables an unobtrusive installation in space-constrained areas and on compact machines.

End-to-End Sensing: The sensing area of the SLC4 extends across the full length of the device, eliminating blind zones and maximizing sensing capabilities in a minimally sized package.

Affordable Price Point: With the lowest price per millimeter of any Type 4 safety light curtain from Banner Engineering, the SLC4 is an extremely cost-effective solution for simple machine safeguarding applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs.

Ease-of-Use: SLC4 safety light curtains can be configured quickly and easily with no PC software, DIP switches, or other devices required. Bicolor zone and status indicators reduce downtime by simplifying system alignment and troubleshooting.

SLC4 Safety Light Curtain Application Image


SLC4 safety light curtains are designed to safeguard smaller points of operation and access on compact production machines and similar equipment used in the electronics, packaging, and other industries.

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Série SLC4 Cortinas de Luz de Segurança Compactas Tipo 4
Cortinas de Luz de Segurança da Série SLC4 Tipo 4 para Aplicações Simples

As cortinas de luz de segurança SLC4 são as cortinas de luz de segurança da Banner mais curtas e compactas. Foram projetadas para proteger pontos de acesso e operação em máquinas de produção pequenas e equipamentos similares.

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