Banner Engineering High-Intensity Indicator Lights Provide Bright, Clear Status Indication


Minneapolis, MN—March 18, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces its S18DLH and S22DLH indicators for general-purpose lighting applications. Designed with highly visible LEDs, these lights provide bright, clear indication in environments with high levels of ambient light, including direct sunlight.

DC-operated and available in terminal-wired or cabled models, these single color LED barrel-mount indicators are ideal for stand-alone use or enclosed in a panel. M12 Euro connector models are available for plug-and-play indication. The indicator’s gasket-face flange that seals to enclosures and its IP69K-rated housing enables use in a variety of wash down applications.

“Available in 18-mm and 22-mm housing styles, the DLH model indicators are bright enough for use outdoors where a standard indicator will get washed out by ambient light,” said Chuck Dolezalek, Chief Lighting Engineer, Banner Engineering. “And, because of their light intensity, they can also be used as miniature task lights for assembly tools, as well as machine vision lights.”

The S18DHL and S22DHL indicator lights are available in white, red, yellow, green and blue. Bracket mounting options include right-angle with curved slot, swivel with tilt and pan movement, flat and right-angle with articulation slots.

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Rohrmontagefähige Kontrolllampen: Bauform S18L
Rohrmontagefähige Kontrolllampen: Bauform S18L

Diese 18-mm-Allzweckkontrolllampen können eigenständig oder als Bestandteil eines Schaltpults eingesetzt werden; kein Gehäuse erforderlich

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Rohrmontagefähige Kontrolllampen für die Montage auf Schalttafeln: Bauform S22L
Rohrmontagefähige Kontrolllampen für die Montage auf Schalttafeln: Bauform S22L

Kosteneffektive Kontrolllampen mit DC-Betrieb für die eigenständige Verwendung oder für Schaltpulte; kein Gehäuse erforderlich. Verfügbar mit einer, zwei oder drei Farben.

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