Key Benefits

The WLS28-2 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS combines illumination with high-visibility indication in one robust strip light. They are made with the same durable WLS28 housing plus energy-efficient LEDs for challenging applications that require bright, even lighting and proper identification of status changes on machines or in work areas.

Available in dual, three, and five color options, the WLS27 Heavy Diffuse Strip Light features many of the same great aspects of the WLS27 product line, such as a rugged and water-resistant construction, but now comes with heavy diffuse copolyester windows for reduced intensity and a more uniform light distribution. The heavy diffuse WLS27 further advances the new trend of lighting products that feature illumination and indication in a single device.

Efficient Machine Operation and Troubleshooting:  Proper illumination allows for easier process monitoring and task performance. An easy-to-see change in color can direct operators to the section of the machine that needs attention for quick identification and resolution of problems.

Better Productivity and Quality: The new WLS28-2 and WLS27 both give staff the ability to focus on tasks without diverting their attention to machine status. The vivid and uniform light helps workers complete tasks quickly and correctly. The light changes colors as statuses change for an unmistakable alert within natural sight lines.

Softened Light Intensity for Indication: The WLS27 with heavy diffuse window offers a more uniform light distribution that is more comfortable on the eyes and has fewer hotspots.

LED Strip Light cascade st_ON GREEN

Additional Features

WLS28-2 with EZ-STATUS

    • Unsealed options available for more basic, general use applications 
    • Three different window types; L25 for directional light, diffuse, and clear 
    • Use a single electrical connection to power multiple cascadable light fixtures

WLS27 with Heavy Diffuse Window

  • Cylindrical copolyester housing is chemically resistant 
  • Use a single electrical connection to power multiple cascadable light fixtures


Target applications include lighting and indication for machines, work or assembly stations, traffic flow and area access, robotics, as well as human and machine vision inspection lighting.
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WLS28-2 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®
WLS28-2 Series Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®

WLS28-2 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS® combine brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication in one light fixture designed for use in diverse applications and challenging environments.

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WLS27 LED-Leuchtband mehrfarbig mit EZ-STATUS®
WLS27 LED-Leuchtband mehrfarbig mit EZ-STATUS®

Verbindet ultrahelle Beleuchtung mit hochgradig sichtbarer Anzeige. Lineare Ausführungen in einem bruchsicheren, chemisch beständigen Gehäuse vollvergossen. Schutzart IP69K für Abspritzumgebungen.

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