Banner Engineering Introduces New Tower Lights with Custom Display and Animation Capabilities

TL50 Pro Series Group Image

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 6, 2018 – Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced availability of TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link, multi-segment indicators that provide greater clarity in communicating status.

TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link utilize bright, multicolor RGB LED lights, enabling millions of color options in each light segment. IO-Link provides full control of segment color, flash, rotation, and intensity. Segments can be configured individually for simple or complex displays. They can also be configured for advanced animations with all light segments presenting a unified display of a dynamic condition, such as machine run mode or high-low levels.

Available in standard, compact, and beacon models, TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link solve a broad range of applications, including indicating machine or process status, displaying temperature or content levels, and monitoring takt time. Compact models are designed for use in space constrained areas and applications requiring greater light intensity. Beacon models have a very bright display that can be seen over long distances and in high ambient light areas.

These self-contained tower lights support up to 10 light segments, as well as an additional audible segment, for a total of 11 segments possible in each tower light. Audible segments are available with a standard, sealed, or omni-directional audible element with continuous, pulsed and staccato tones available.

TL50 Pro Tower Lights have an IP67-rated housing for use in industrial and outdoor applications. They are available in black or gray models to match different machine styles.


Key Benefits

Customized Indication: IO-Link enables full control of color, flash, rotation, and light intensity. Users can access millions of colors and create unique animations that attract attention and effectively communicate status.

Versatile Display: TL50 Pro Tower Lights can be used for standard indication applications where each segment displays a unique status. They can also be used as an advanced indicator for a dynamic condition, such as fill level or temperature monitoring.

Simplified Wiring: Tower lights are connected using standard unshielded 4-wire cables, which reduces the time and expense required for installation and simplifies inventory requirements.

Drop-in Installation: An IO-Link master device saves configuration data and automatically updates new indicators, enabling quick, easy replacement of indicator lights

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50 mm programmierbare mehrfarbige RGB-Turmlampe der Bauform TL50 Pro
50 mm programmierbare mehrfarbige RGB-Turmlampe der Bauform TL50 Pro

Kompakte Turmlampen, die den Benutzern kundenspezifische Anzeigen ermöglichen, indem sie die umfangreichen Farboptionen der RGB-LEDs mit den vielseitigen Steuerungsmöglichkeiten kombinieren, die entweder durch die Softwarekompatibilität von Pro Editor oder die IO-Link-Kommunikation geboten werden.

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