Key Benefits

Easy Integration with Vision Guided Robots

All the logic required to integrate a VE Series smart camera into a VGR system is in the software. The Perspective Correction mode allows users to override the native coordinate system of the camera. In just a few simple steps users can adjust camera coordinates to match the coordinate system of the robot, eliminating the need for and expense of a PLC to translate coordinate systems.

Greater Flexibility in Deployment

The Perspective Correction mode can be used to correct the distortions in perspective that occur when the camera is not perpendicular to the target. Applying real world coordinates to the camera’s coordinate system ensures that tool distance and area values are accurate for each inspection. This makes it even easier to use VE smart cameras in applications where equipment and/or infrastructure complicate deployment.

Remote Monitoring

The Webserver Image Viewing capability provides users with tremendous flexibility in monitoring an application. Inspection images can be viewed in real time using a web-enabled tablet, PC, HMI, or similar device on the same network as the camera. Staff can quickly identify and diagnose application issues from a convenient location.

VE Series Smart Cameras: Versatile, Easy-to-Use

An introduction to VE Series Smart Cameras, a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution that solves a broad range of vision applications.


VE Series smart cameras integrated into a robotic pick and place application image
Perspective Correction makes it easy to integrate VE Series smart cameras into robotic pick and place and other vision guided robotic applications.

VE Series smart cameras can be used to solve a wide range of applications, such as verifying part presence, position, and shape, identifying flaws and defects, edge detection, and many similar applications.

Perspective correction and webserver image viewing provides users with greater flexibility in solving these applications and makes it even easier to use VE Series smart cameras in VGR applications, such as pick and place, bin picking, counting, quality control, and more.

Vision Manager web server image
Webserver Image Viewing allows users to view inspection images in real time using a web-enabled tablet, PC, HMI, or similar device.
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Vision Manager-Software für die Bauform VE
Vision Manager-Software für die Bauform VE

Vision Manager-Software dient zur schnellen, einfachen Einrichtung. Anwender mit allen Erfahrungsniveaus, vom Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen, können einfach durch die intuitive Benutzeroberfläche, Fehlerbehebungs- und Protokollfunktionen navigieren, ohne oder mit nur wenig erforderlicher Unterstützung.

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VE Series Smart Camera
Smart-Kamera der Bauform VE

Die Smart-Kameras verbinden leistungsstarke Prüftools und -funktionen mit einer einfachen Bedienung. Dadurch maximieren sie die Prüfbetriebszeiten und ermöglichen eine schnelle Implementierung.

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