QS30LDL Single-Point TEACH [Video]

QS30LDL Single-Point TEACH
1 min  15 s 

In this video, Banner demonstrates how to set up a QS30 laser diffuse using single-point static TEACH, which is also known as Window TEACH, where you set a condition around an object.

1 min  15 s 


In this video, we'll show how to set up the QS30 Laser Diffuse using single-point static TEACH which is also known as window teach where you set up a condition around an object.

To enter teach, mode press and hold the static minus button intil LED 5 and 6 flash.

Present the ON condition and double click the minus button.

LEDs 3 and 6 will flash to show the single-point window.

The sensor returns to the run mode and now a window is set up around that condition.

If the sensor fails to teach, you will see the following.

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