Add Wireless Communication to Devices at a Reduced Cost with Basic Performance Series Nodes


The popular Performance Series of wireless Nodes adds two new cost-effective models for use in large deployments and price-sensitive applications. Like other Nodes in the Performance Series, the new Basic Nodes offer the same performance capabilities, options for integrated I/O, and include an internal battery and antenna. Unlike other Performance Series Nodes, they do not feature rotary dials or an LCD screen.

Key Benefits

Save Costs: Basic models in the Performance Series cost less than standard models, making them a cost-effective solution for monitoring multiple points in large installations. 

Solve Simple Applications: Performance P6L Nodes have a 1-wire serial interface, making it easy to add wireless connectivity to Banner’s temperature and humidity sensors, vibration and temperature sensors, ultrasonic and similar sensors. 

Monitor Multiple Devices: With one configurable discrete input, one configurable analog input, and one thermistor input, Performance P14L Nodes can provide wireless connectivity to multiple devices at the same time, including ultrasonic sensors, thermistors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, and more.

Featured Products

Passerelles et nœuds
Passerelles et nœuds

Créez des réseaux point-à-multipoint qui distribuent des E/S sur de grandes zones. Plusieurs types d'entrées et de sorties sont disponibles : logiques (contact sec, PNP/NPN), analogiques (0 à 10 Vcc, 0 à 20 mA), température (thermocouple et RTD) et compteur d'impulsions.

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