Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Series Improves Lighting Installation and Programming Capabilities

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Minneapolis, MN—March 17, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its new K50 Modbus Series, comprised of multicolor indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Designed with the industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol, the K50 Modbus Series enables flexible communication and simplified setup of a single device or multi-point applications.

Modbus RTU reduces wiring requirements by using double-ended cabling and tee connectors. This minimizes system programming and installation complexities, allowing operators to get their lighting systems up and running faster and easier.

“The Modbus RTU protocol provides an improved way to define and install a lighting system with a common method of configuration,” said Matt Hahn, Technical Marketing Engineer, Lighting at Banner Engineering. “The K50 Modbus Series allows our customers more flexibility while significantly lowering their overall cost of installation.”

The compact K50 Modbus multicolor indicators are offered in several package types, including standard dome, daylight visible, beacon (perimeter) and beacon (perimeter and center). With configurable flashing and strobe function options, K50 Modbus indicators offer flexible performance for diverse requirements. High-intensity models are also available to satisfy outdoor applications.

For error-proofing and parts-verification applications, the K50 Modbus pick-to-light sensors feature an illuminated dome for easy-to-see job light status. The K50 pick-to-light is available in polarized retro-reflective or fixed-field models. Users can also select from standard function configurations or customize the device to fit their specific application.

For reliable performance in harsh environments, the multicolor indicators feature rugged IP67/IP69K construction and the pick-to-light sensors are rated to IP67 with fully encapsulated construction.

K30, K50 and K70 Gen 2 Touch Buttons

Banner Engineering's Gen 2 Touch Buttons accurately respond to touch even in harsh or messy conditions. The chemical resistant, polycarbonate housing won't activate under direct spray.

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Voyants dômes de 50 mm : série K50L

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Boutons tactiles d'aide au choix de 50 mm : série K50

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