NEW Banner Engineering K50U Ultrasonic Sensor Features Plug-and-Play Compatibility for Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

K50U with Q45 and bracket

Minneapolis, MN—September 15, 2016—Banner Engineering has introduced their Sure Cross® U-GAGE® K50U Ultrasonic Sensor for use in wireless tank monitoring applications. Optimized for use with Banner’s Q45U Wireless Node, the pair provide a cost effective, plug-and-play solution to monitor levels in mobile or remotely located tanks and totes.

The K50U reliably detects distance from target to sensor in ranges between 300 millimeters (11.8 in) up to 3 meters (118 in), and features built-in temperature compensation for accurate measurements. The sensor features a standard 1¼” NPT connection and can be combined with the optional BWA-BK-006 bracket and Q45U Wireless Node (sold separately) for an easy-to-mount, IEC IP67, NEMA 6P level monitoring solution.  

“Paired with our Q45U wireless node, the K50U delivers a turnkey, single-sensor remote monitoring solution that is both rugged and affordable. It can also function as a component within a much larger, more complex network with Banner’s many wireless sensors and nodes,” said Tim Hazelton, Wireless Product Manager, Banner Engineering. “Customers who also purchase our DXM100 programmable controllers can take full advantage of this solution, and set high-high, high, low, and low-low alarms,” Hazelton added.

The sensor is also an ideal solution for a range of applications beyond liquid or chemical tank level monitoring, such as pallet presence sensing or monitoring dry material level in a hopper. The K50U is available in two models, with a 1-wire serial interface or a model that functions as a Modbus slave via RS-485. Compatible with a wide range of Banner Engineering wireless nodes, the K50U provides reliable sensing for a single sensor application or integrated as part of a multiple sensor, long distance multi-hop network.

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Capteurs à ultrasons sans fil : Série K50U
Capteurs à ultrasons sans fil : Série K50U

Le capteur à ultrasons K50U est parfaitement adapté à la surveillance des cuves et des bacs mobiles et distants.

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Q45 Wireless Sensors

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