Banner Engineering Motion Detectors Provide Automated Light Switching

WLS28-2 Motion Detector Image

Minneapolis, MN—June 23, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch for automated lighting. Banner’s motion detector switches provide an efficient solution to automatically turn on or off the light in applications where a physical switch cannot be used or the placement of the switch is not useful.

Banner’s motion detector switches are available in two options, an in-line module or built-in motion detector for the company’s industry-recognized WLS28-2 LED Strip Light. The in-line module allows operators to place the motion detection switch away from the light, and can be used with any Banner dc voltage lights. The WLS28-2 with built-in motion detector models provide easy and fast installation in one place.

“The motion detection switch offers a simple, convenient lighting solution for applications that don’t easily allow manual on/off switching,” said Matt Hahn, Technical Marketing Engineer for Lighting, Banner Engineering. “For example, if the motion detection switch is inside of an electrical enclosure, it will automatically turn the light on when the door is open and off when it is closed.”

The motion detector switches feature M12 connectors and rugged metal housing for secure, durable performance. Detector switches are rated for 12 to 30 V dc.

Banner’s WLS28-2 LED Strip Light delivers a versatile lighting solution, featuring a space-saving, low-profile design and various lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm. For increased flexibility, the WLS28-2 Dual Color is available in cascadable models for connecting multiple lights end-to-end. All models offer enhanced light quality with bright, densely spaced LEDs to ensure even, bright and highly efficient illumination.

High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Industrial LED Lighting Provides Bright, Even Illumination
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Banner Engineering's industrial LED lights provide a simple lighting solution that can reduce costs, improve product quality and increase efficiency. Our LED lights are bright, durable and have ultra-long lifetimes for greater than 50,000 hours of continuous working life.

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