Key Benefits

Reduce downtime & increase productivity: Avoid unexpected downtime and make more informed decisions about maintenance schedules by detecting problems early before a failure can occur.

Simple setup: Plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install vibration sensors and nodes on the equipment, and start collecting data. Performance baselines and thresholds are automatically generated and no programming is required.

Visualize data & alarms: HMI clearly displays alarms and graphs of raw vibration data along with baseline, warning, and alarm values.

Local & remote monitoring: Access raw data right on the HMI or via the cloud from any network accessible location.

Scalable solution: Monitor and collect data from up to 16 assets. 

Wireless Solutions Kit for Monitoring Vibration Contents Image
Wireless Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions


Wireless Solutions Kits for vibration monitoring can be used with virtually any machine with rotating motion. These kits help users to:

  • Identify machine performance issues caused by misalignment, unbalance, bearing failures, pump cavitation, blade damage, etc.

  • Identify equipment requiring full spectrum analysis

  • Establish more strategic scheduling of equipment maintenance


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Kits de solutions sans fil
Kits de solutions sans fil

Les kits de solutions sans fil simplifient la surveillance des ressources mobiles et distantes, la collecte et l'exploitation de données, ainsi que la résolution d'applications spécifiques. Aucune programmation n'est nécessaire. Il suffit de brancher le kit, de connecter les nœuds, d'installer les capteurs et les nœuds, puis de commencer à collecter les données.

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