Machine Lighting

Banner solutions for machine lighting provide brilliant, bright light to illuminate machine processes. They are available in a range of styles, including heavy-duty, encapsulated IP67, IP68, and IP69K rated models for use in harsh and challenging environments and feature an internal monitoring circuit that dims the LEDs to a safe level in extreme temperatures. Their compact, low-profile design simplifies installation in tight and confined areas and the availability of AC and DC powered models provides tremendous flexibility at installation. These high performance LED lights will require no bulb or ballast changes throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan, for years of maintenance free, trouble free operation. 

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  1. Machine Illumination for Inspection and Testing Procedures

    Machine lighting inside of automated clinical labs helps operators see and access the samples and equipment being used inside. These types of environments can be difficult on traditional lights because of the reagents and chemicals used during testing and cleaning. The WLS28-2 is rated IP69K to withstand chemicals and washdowns.

  2. Heavy-Duty Machine Lights in CNC Washdown Environment

    Determining a lighting solution for the CNC machine is simple with Banner’s LED heavy-duty machine light, which provides enhanced chemical and thermal resistance in tough environments. The ultra-bright light is oil, chemical and water resistant with IP68, IP68g and IP69K ratings, making it an ideal choice for many industrial lighting applications, including the CNC washdown environment.

  3. Illuminating Inside A Cartoner

    Banner’s WLS28 LED Light Strips allow operators to identify frozen dinners that have not properly entered a carton and fix the problem with minimal downtime. Their long-lasting and durable cool white light means they’re an energy-efficient solution for illuminating the inside of a cartoner. IP69K rated, they can handle frequent machine wash down procedures.

  4. Illumination and Indication for PCB Assembly

    Placing WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS above PCB assembly machines provides area lighting and status indication with one rugged and versatile light. Any changes in machine status cause the WLS27 to switch from illumination to indication and cover the entire machine with the corresponding color. This type of indication allows operators to focus on the task at hand without missing changes in machine status.

  5. Visually Control Intersections with Multicolor Strip Lights

    Accidents can happen when people and mobile equipment share intersections in a factory. See how to create a controlled intersection with multicolor lights.

  6. Illumination in High-Temperature Areas in a Paper Mill

    Lighting inside of paper drying machines is helpful during maintenance and general operation of the paper production line, but illumination is difficult because of the high heat in the machine and the wet environment. The WLH60 high temperature LED light can withstand heats as high as 100° C and is rated IP67, IP68G, and IP69K for water, oil, and chemical resistance.


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WLB32 Series Industrial LED Light Bars

The WLB32 is an advanced LED lighting technology ideal for machine lighting, providing high-quality and maintenance-free industrial lighting solutions that will last for years.