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In manufacturing processes, the orientation of parts is critical to ensure correct assembly and continuous operation. Parts facing the wrong direction could cause jams and costly work stoppages. A solution is needed that can inspect parts to ensure correct orientation.


In the application shown, nuts exiting a vibratory feeder bowl are transported to the next step in the assembly process. It is essential that the correct side of the nut faces up so they can be used efficiently in the process.

The iVu SeriesTG Image Sensor possesses the inspection capabilities necessary for determining part orientation. The sensor, when configured for a Match inspection, will compare each nut to a reference to determine if there is a match. When the sensor is being configured, a correctly oriented nut will act as the reference. If the sensor detects a part that does not match the reference, meaning it isn’t oriented correctly, it will send a fail output to the line and the nut will be rejected.

The iVu SeriesTG Image Sensor features a touch screen with an intuitive interface and easily configurable inspection parameters. This allows even first-time users to quickly and conveniently apply and support inspections right on the factory floor, without the use of a PC.

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