Workstation and Area Lighting

Operators need highly bright illumination in workstations to accurately and efficiently complete tasks. Workstation and area lighting solutions from Banner Engineering provide brilliant, bright LED illumination and feature Hi/Lo/Off switches, allowing operators to control lighting level and switch the LED light bar off when they are done. The bright, even light output with no hot spots increases worker productivity and ergonomics, and the 120⁰ beam angle provides illumination exactly where needed. In addition, these ultra-bright LED lights will never require a bulb or ballast replacement over their more than 50,000 hours of operational life to provide years of maintenance-free workstation illumination.

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  1. High-Quality LED Lighting for Workstations

    Banner’s WLB32 Industrial Light Bar is ideal for workstations. With a Hi/Lo/Off switch, operators are able to control the lighting level and are able to switch the LED light bar off when they are done. The WLB32 provides workers high brightness with even light output and enables numerous tasks in a workstation, including working on a computer.

  2. Highly Bright Illumination in Workstations

    Banner’s WLS28 Work Light Strips with ON/OFF switches provide an energy-efficient solution for illuminating work areas and enclosure interiors with intense, long-lasting light. These LED lighting strips provide even, extremely bright illumination, and can easily fit in limited space setups. The work lights can be plugged into any local power source for simple operation.

  3. Robotic Work Cell Lighting

    The energy-efficient WLB92 is easy to install and accommodates a wide variety of application needs with several models available. The light is extremely bright; effectively illuminating a robotic cell area. AC conduit models provide easy installation throughout the cell. The high-quality WLB92 LED light was designed to have an aesthetically-pleasing look, yet be rugged enough for industrial environments.

  4. Illumination at a Car Wash

    WLS27 LED strip lights provide brilliant, even illumination in difficult environments like this. Each light is protected against environmental challenges and corrosion by a shatterproof, water-resistant polycarbonate shell. A redundant sealing method prevents water ingress to achieve IEC IP66, IP67, and IP69K ratings. These cost-effective LED light strips will provide vivid, low-power, maintenance-free illumination throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan.

  5. LED Light Bars Outshine Fluorescents, Reduce Machine Build Times & Expenses [Success Story]

    The company wanted a cost effective lighting solution that would offer brilliant illumination on multiple work stations on large product testing machinery.

  6. Low-Bay LED Lighting

    The heavy-duty, energy-saving WLB92 from Banner Engineering provides an extremely bright lighting solution that provides consistent lighting across a warehouse. Since the LED factory light is so bright and gives a uniform output, fewer lights are needed in total, helping reduce the overall cost of lights and installation time.

  7. Highly Bright, Robust Lighting for Robotic Cells

    Banner’s WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar has a robust metal housing and shatterproof light cover, making it ideal for an industrial robotic cell environment. The WLB32 provides highly bright illumination, with a no-glare glow. Banner’s LED light bar is a better solution for industrial lighting compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. The LED light bar provides a directional lighting effect, dispersing light 120⁰, versus fluorescents, which disperse light 360⁰.

  8. Semiconductor Process Tool Illumination

    Banner’s WLS27 are rugged LED strip lights specifically developed to provide brilliant, even illumination in challenging environments and compact spaces. They have a space-saving, aerodynamic design, are fully encapsulated in a protective shell, and come in a broad range of illumination color options. Machine designers can install WLS27 LED strip lights wherever they are best suited to illuminate a work area without making costly or time consuming modifications to the lights.

  9. High-Quality LED Lighting for Conveyor Illumination

    Finding a high-intensity, ultra-bright lighting solution for manufacturing can be challenging. Since multiple lights are required to properly illuminate areas on a conveyor, a simple mounting option to connect lights together is needed.