LE550 Laser Measurement Sensor [Video]

LE550 Laser Measurement Sensor
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Proper application and installation is critical. Each product includes installation instructions and a manual online at BannerEngineering.com that must be carefully read and followed.

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Banner's new LE550 Laser Sensor is a low cost, easy to use sensor that's ready to measure 100 to 1000 mm right out of the box.

Its rugged die-cast zinc housing and polycarbonate lens cover is rated up to IP67 for use in the most demanding environments.

With a two line, eight-character intuitive display, it makes adjustments and menu navigation simple and easy to read.

The LE550 has a high repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets - from shiny metal to black rubber.

Designed to accurately solve industrial measurement applications, it's ideal for roll diameter, loop control, thickness measurement, positioning and much more.

The visible Red Class 2 laser, optional rotatable connector and mounting bracket options make set up and alignment quick and easy, saving time and money.

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