Key Benefits

Application Flexibility:  In addition to the Match, Area, Blemish, and Sort sensor types standard to iVu Series Sensors, iVu Color Sensors feature three new sensor types:

  • Average Color: Monitor objects for color or variations in color
  • Color Area: Verify feature(s) are present and are the correct color
  • Color Compare: Verify an object matches a reference color or colors

Sensor types can be used alone or together to solve more--and more complex--applications. 

Increased Uptime: iVu Series Vision Sensors can store up to 30 inspections.  Inspection paragmeters can be changed while inspections are in progress without stopping and restarting processes.

Ease of Use: iVu Color Sensors feature touch screen operation, a graphical user interface, and menu-driven tools that make it easy to setup, manage, and monitor inspections without a PC.

iVu Remote Color Bottle Cap Quality Color Check Pass


iVu Color Sensors can be used to monitor objects for color or variations in color, determine object presence and color, verify object color matches a reference color, etc.  Typical applications include:
  • Confirm bottle cap color
  • Monitor changes in color
  • Check part color
  • Verify wire placement and color
  • Evaluate paint or stian color
  • Inspect labels and packaging
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