Key Benefits

Flexibility with Pro Editor Customization

Easily customize touch buttons with a wide variety of color and animation options and give your machine more flexibility with intuitive features, such as touch sensitivity. Touch sensitivity technology lets users reduce sensitivity levels to avoid false trips in washdown areas. Changing colors and animations can also be used to reinforce brands and add a unique look to machinery.

Operates in a Wide Variety of Environments

The rugged IP69K design means reliable actuation in a variety of conditions, including harsh environments. They work well in wet or dry environments, with gloves or bare hands, and some models are made with FDA approved materials for use throughout the food and beverage industries.

Increase Production Efficiency

The diverse range of color and animation options allows for intuitive indication that helps touch buttons stand out. Each step or status change can be assigned its own unique color or movement. This type of customization means that operators don't have to check multiple devices or struggle to interpret indication patterns, which can be confusing, time-consuming, and cause errors. Unique indication helps users learn and interpret signals quickly and make fewer errors, saving companies time and money. 

Streamlines Your Supply Chain

Pro Editor software enables users to program units in the field as needed and adjust the touch button capabilities. Single color models can be re-programmed as multicolor models with animation, simplifying stock demands. Programming in the field can also reduce expensive expedites and shipping costs.


Due to its ruggedness and touch-sensitivity, the K50 Pro touch button works in a wide variety of settings and applications such as:

  • Pick-to-light and manual assembly
  • Error proofing
  • Call button
  • Food and beverage applications
  • Wet and high-pressure washdown environments
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