New LM Sensor for Even More Precise Applications

The LM Series of precision measurement sensors is now available in an even more precise model that features a 0.002 mm analog resolution at a range of 40-80 mm.  The new LM80 model also features a smaller spot size (less than 1 mm at all measurement ranges) to detect even smaller features and take more measurements over the face of the target for even more precise profiling.  

LM80 sensor used for thickness measurement
High Performance in Real World Conditions

LM sensors provide reliable quality control and repeatably measure real-world targets with varying colors and reflectivity. In addition, LM sensors feature a thermally stable design that resists temperature changes, as well as enhanced mounting stability, for high accuracy in the toughest environments. The new LM80 has a temperature effect of +/-0.006 mm/°C.  This is imperative for high precision applications since even a few degrees of temperature change can cause other sensors' measurement error to double.

IO-Link Communication to Support the Smart Factory and IIoT

With IO-Link communication, users can remotely monitor sensor performance, easily identify and analyze trends in inspection results, and predict when maintenance is needed so that problems like a dirty lens can be resolved before sensor failure.

Reliability at High Speeds

Featuring a fast 0.5 ms response speed and 0.25 ms sampling rate, LM sensors reliably solve high-speed applications with fast-moving targets.

An All-in-One Device

LM sensors provide discrete, analog, and IO-Link capabilities all in one device, which enables flexibility and reduces inventory requirements. 

Quick Setup and Replacement

LM sensors can be programmed via IO-Link or an optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD). The RSD remote display enables remote setup and monitoring, and it stores up to 6 configurations to facilitate product changeover and simplify device replacement. The RSD can remain in-line to easily monitor sensors in difficult-to-reach locations, or it can be removed after configuration.

Featured Product

LM 시리즈 정밀 측정 센서
LM 시리즈 정밀 측정 센서

소형 LM 시리즈는 직관적인 사용자 경험을 통해 동급 최고의 정밀한 측정 성능과 실질적인 안정성을 제공합니다.

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