Key Benefits

Greater Control and Visibility

The new Q130R radar sensor is configured using a free software that allows users to easily and visually set sensor settings, including defining the sensing distance, sensitivity and output configuration. Because of the wide field of view and long range of radar sensors, setting up and verifying sensor settings can be challenging.  However, the graphical user interface of the Q130R allows users to intuitively adjust settings and replicate them across multiple devices, which speeds up commissioning, saves costs, and reduces false triggers due to faulty setup. 

Dependable detection in harsh environments

The Q130R radar sensor uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology to reliably detect moving and stationary targets including cranes, cars, trains, airplanes, trucks, and cargo in extreme and unpredictable weather conditions.  Sensing function is unaffected by wind, falling rain or snow, fog, sunlight, humidity, shock and vibrations, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 65° C.  In addition, the rugged IP67 housing is built for dependable, long term operation in these harsh environments.  

More reliable and cost-effective than competing technologies

Other technologies for collision avoidance and vehicle detection include ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors, and laser scanners (LiDAR).  However, outdoor conditions such as sun, rain, snow, fog, dust, and vibrations affect the reliability of these technologies and can lead to false triggers and premature failure. In addition, laser scanners are expensive and require technical training to install, program, and maintain—further increasing the lifetime cost. 

In contrast, the Q130R radar sensor is not only unaffected by ambient weather conditions, it is also easier to commission and maintain, saving time and costs both upfront and long term.

Q130RA radar sensor detects cars in a drive thru

Higher Performance at Closer Ranges

With half the dead zone as previous US radar products, the Q130R can detect targets closer to the sensor with the same reliable performance to solve a greater variety of applications. Note that the actual dead zone will vary depending on target reflectivity and whether the target is moving or stationary.



The Q130R radar sensor is an ideal solution for a wide variety of vehicle detection and collision avoidance applications, including: 
  • Vehicle detection for cars, trucks cranes, trains, airplanes, and cargo
  • Single-zone collision avoidance for mobile equipment including mining vehicles, forklifts, stackers, and cranes
  • Loading dock monitoring and vehicle counting
  • Parking, entry/exit, and drive thru vehicle detection

To learn more about radar sensors and their application, visit our Radar Sensor Frequently Asked Questions. 

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그래픽 사용자 인터페이스를 갖춘 Q130R 시리즈 레이더 센서
그래픽 사용자 인터페이스를 갖춘 Q130R 시리즈 레이더 센서

모든 기후 조건에서 이동 또는 고정 표적을 감지할 수 있는 내로우 및 와이드 빔 옵션을 지원하는 레이더 센서. 그래픽 사용자 인터페이스로 간편한 설정, 더 정확한 제어, 센서 설정에 대한 가시성 제공.

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Pro 변환기 케이블
Pro 변환기 케이블

Banner의 Pro Editor 소프트웨어와 Pro 변환기 케이블을 사용하여 다른 색상, 플래시 패턴 및 애니메이션을 선택하여 표시 솔루션을 만듭니다.

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Model Beam Pattern Range Telecom Approval Output
Q130RA-9076-AFQ 90° x 76° 24 m US, Europe, China, Australia/New Zealand Bipolar NPN/PNP 
Q130RA-2450-AFQ 24° x 50° 40 m