Key Benefits

IP69K and Epoxy Encapsulation for Wet Environments: The T18-2 Series sensor is designed to hold up to high-pressure, high-temperature washdown. The epoxy fill eliminates internal air cavities in the housing that can lead to condensation inside sensors during temperature cycling.

ECOLAB™ Certified FDA Grade Plastic: The sensors have been tested by ECOLAB to certify that they resist damage when exposed to common cleaning chemicals. The plastic used throughout the T18-2 is made of FDA-approved, shatterproof plastic for use on food production lines.

Improved Design for Easier Cleaning: Crevices have been minimized to eliminate debris buildup. The knurls have also been removed from the nut, and the light pipes have been over-molded for easy cleaning. All labels have been removed and replaced with permanent laser etching. Installing the nut, optional seal kit, and bracket will cover all exposed threads on the nose. 

Durable Ultrasonic Weld for a Superior Seal: Ultrasonic welding is an advantage of using an all-plastic housing and creates a superior joint. Metal sensors contain plastic windows and other components that are joined mechanically or with adhesives. The joints are then subject to thermal shock because the metal and plastic components expand and contract at different rates, creating small gaps and allowing water inside the sensor. Ultrasonic welding fuses plastic components into one solid piece of durable plastic that is not affected by thermal shock.



  • Highly visible output and dual-function power and stability indicators 
  • Laser etched markings for longevity 
  • Powerful and bright visible red emitter for easy alignment and setup, excluding IR models 
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 °C 
  • 4-pin M12 Euro-Style connector is IP69K washdown rated


Target applications include harsh washdown environments with temperature cycling such as meat or dairy processing, food and beverage processing and packaging, and cold storage.
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열악한 환경에 적합한 견고한 T18-2 시리즈 세척 센서
열악한 환경에 적합한 견고한 T18-2 시리즈 세척 센서

T18-2 시리즈 센서는 추가 장비가 필요 없는 차세대 광전 센서입니다. 식품 생산 라인의 열 충격이 가해지는 세척 환경에서 사용하기에 적합하도록 강도와 안정성을 더했습니다.

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