Key Benefits

Dual-Color EZ-STATUS Technology

Combining illumination and indication in a single device enhances the versatility of WLS15 LED strip lights and expands possible application uses. Select from six different colors to create a dual-color indicator strip to indicate machine status, alert operators, and improve visibility.

Professional Quality at Affordable Price

WLS15 Series strip lights provide professional grade lighting at a price point that is accessible for a variety of applications. The sealed IP67-rated lights are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof polycarbonate housing, making them resistant to wet or dusty environments as well as impact and breakage. Each WLS15 uses a fraction of the energy of many comparable light fixtures for additional cost-savings.

Easy Installation in Tight Spaces

The slim 15 mm low-profile design allows for quick installation in areas with limited space. The small strip light does not obstruct sightlines or impact any existing application framework. Flexible mounting options and a wide range of brackets keep setup quick and simple. Cascadable models require only a single electrical installation for additional ease-of-use.

Low Power Draw

WLS15 dual-color strip lights have low power consumption and a low current draw, an ideal solution for battery-operated applications, such as cart indication.

WLS15 Low-Profile LED Strip Light

Improve visibility, safety and efficiency with Banner's new low profile LED strip light. At 15 mm, the WLS15 can fit in tight spaces that other lights cannot. Installs in minutes without impacting existing application framework.


Amber Illumination in Photolithography Clean Room

The dual-color WLS15 strip light with non-phosphor converted amber LEDs is safe to use with photosensitive materials present in the clean room.

Dual-color WLS15 LED strip lights can be used to reliably improve visibility, safety, and efficiency on machines and in workspaces. WLS15 devices are commonly used for:

  • Machine status indication
  • Loading dock status indication
  • Workstation bin and shelf lighting
  • More visible status indication for faster troubleshooting
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EZ-STATUS를 갖춘 WLS15 듀얼 컬러 LED 스트립 조명
EZ-STATUS를 갖춘 WLS15 듀얼 컬러 LED 스트립 조명

EZ-STATUS®를 갖춘 WLS15 듀얼 컬러 LED 스트립 조명은 협소 공간 작업대를 비추거나 조명 적용 분야 또는 이동 장비용으로 설계된 한 개의 로우 프로파일 조명 장치에 밝은 조명과 잘 보이는 표시를 함께 갖추고 있습니다.

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