Predictive Maintenance for Motors

Predictive Maintenance for Motors Image


If failing motors can be detected before they shut down, down time and machine damage can be minimized.


SureCross devices can monitor temperature, vibration, and pressure. A mobile FlexPower Node equipped with up to three thermocouples monitors critical bearing temperature and sends the data to a Gateway for logging. With this information, maintenance personnel can service the machine based on performance indicators and minimize down time.

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넓은 영역에 걸쳐 I/O를 분산하는 점 대 다중점 네트워크를 생성합니다. 입력 및 출력 유형에는 이산(건식 접점, PNP/NPN), 아날로그(0~10V dc, 0~20mA), 온도(써모커플 및 RTD) 및 펄스 계수기가 있습니다.

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