High-Quality LED Lighting for Conveyor Illumination

High-Quality LED Lighting for Automation Illumination Image

Application: Illumination for automation manufacturing

Challenges: Large area needs multiple lights

Solution: WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar

Benefits: The lights can be cascaded to provide consistent lighting throughout the entire manufacturing area

Finding a high-intensity, ultra-bright lighting solution for manufacturing can be challenging. Since multiple lights are required to properly illuminate areas on a conveyor, a simple mounting option to connect lights together is needed.


Banner’s WLB32 is an LED industrial light bar with easy mounting options, such as snap clips and a choice of magnetic or angle brackets. LED lights can easily be cascaded to properly illuminate the manufacturing line.

Banner’s LED lighting is an ideal replacement for conventional fluorescent lighting. LED lighting provides a directional effect, which allows for more efficient use of lighting for automation. While fluorescents disperse light 360⁰, the LED light bar has a 120⁰ beam angle, providing illumination exactly where needed. LED lights also allow for reduced replacement, repair and overall energy costs.

Banner is a worldwide leader in industrial automation solutions, with expertise in automation environments and advanced LED lighting technology. Banner’s industrial light bar is high-quality with a robust metal housing and shatterproof light cover for industrial environments.

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WLB32 조절식 LED 워크스테이션 조명
WLB32 조절식 LED 워크스테이션 조명

밝기 조절이 가능한 밝고 눈부심이 없는 워크스테이션 조명은 생산성을 향상시킵니다. 최소한의 배선 및 지속적인 조명을 위한 캐스케이드 가능한 모델.

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