Highly Bright, Robust Lighting for Robotic Cells

Highly Bright, Robust Lighting for Robotic Cells Image

Application: Illumination in an industrial robotic cell environment

Challenges: Large environment with high risk of impact

Solution: The WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar

Benefits: Rugged and very bright LED illumination

Many factors come into play when choosing the correct light source for a robotic cell. Light source placement, brightness and application must all be considered before choosing the correct system to properly illuminate a robotic cell.


Banner’s WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar has a robust metal housing and shatterproof light cover, making it ideal for an industrial robotic cell environment. The WLB32 provides highly bright illumination, with a no-glare glow.

Banner’s LED light bar is a better solution for industrial lighting compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. The LED light bar provides a directional lighting effect, dispersing light 120⁰, versus fluorescents, which disperse light 360⁰. This allows for even, concentrated illumination where it is needed.

With Banner Engineering’s expertise in manufacturing, the WLB32 LED light was designed with the highest quality to ensure a robust, long-lasting, maintenance-free lighting solution for industrial environments.

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WLB32 조절식 LED 워크스테이션 조명
WLB32 조절식 LED 워크스테이션 조명

밝기 조절이 가능한 밝고 눈부심이 없는 워크스테이션 조명은 생산성을 향상시킵니다. 최소한의 배선 및 지속적인 조명을 위한 캐스케이드 가능한 모델.

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