LE550 Laser Sensor Delivers Repeatability and High-Precision Performance for Challenging Measurement Applications

LE550 Image
LE550 Image
LE550 Image

Minneapolis, MN—April 1, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the new LE550-Laser-Measurement-Sensor/ LE550 laser sensor. Designed with linear array technology, the LE550 non-contact laser sensor provides high repeatability and accurate measurement for challenging targets ranging from shiny metal to black rubber. With easy, ready-to-use operation, the LE550 measures 100 mm to 1000 mm right out of the box—making it an ideal detection solution for diverse measurement applications, including roll diameter, loop control, thickness measurement and positioning.

Featuring an intuitive two-line, eight-character display, the LE550 makes adjustments and menu navigation simple and easy to read. The visible red, Class 2 laser beam and small spot size ensure quick setup and alignment. The LE550 is also available with an optional metal, rotatable connector and multiple mounting bracket options, allowing operators to save time and money while accommodating flexible application requirements.

“The LE550’s linear array imager enables use on a wider variety of materials, reflective surfaces and colors,” said Brad Ragozzino, Technical Marketing Engineer, Banner Engineering. “Plus, with exceptional resolution across its wide 100 mm to 1000 mm operating range, the LE550 enables our customers to reduce and detect errors, while streamlining automated inspections.”

For optimal use in demanding environments, the LE550 is enclosed in a rugged, die-cast zinc housing and includes a polycarbonate lens cover rated to IP67. All models meet Military Standard 202 G requirements method 201A, in addition to IEC 60947-5-2, to withstand applications subject to vibration or shock.

LE550 Laser Measurement Sensor
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Proper application and installation is critical. Each product includes installation instructions and a manual online at BannerEngineering.com that must be carefully read and followed.

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