New Pro Editor Software from Banner Engineering Enables Custom Indication

May 30, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 1, 2018 – Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of the Pro Editor software that enables custom status indication for a wide variety of applications in the visual factory.

The Pro Editor software is an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is used to configure compatible RGB indicator lights with a variety of pre-defined colors and animations. This allows users to customize indication to match their processes.  Users can also easily reprogram their devices to meet changing requirements.

Pre-defined animations include flashing, dimming, 2-color display, 2-color rotation, 2-color flashing, and chase. The addition of motion allows users to indicate more statuses or assembly steps with a single device. In addition, programmable indicators reduce spare parts requirements and inventory costs by allowing customers to standardize on fewer models that can be programmed as needed. 

The Pro Editor software is currently compatible with K30 Pro and K50 Pro indicators from Banner Engineering.  The K30 Pro and K50 Pro are single-segment LED indicators that provide bright status indication in a rugged polycarbonate housing rated IP66, IP67, and IP69K for use in harsh industrial environments, including high-pressure, high-temperature washdown applications.  Models constructed from FDA-grade materials are available for use in food and beverage applications.  In addition, a simple wiring plan enables quick installation and allows users to consolidate controller outputs.

Ideal applications for programmable RGB indicators include machine status indication, as well as operator and assembly guidance.  

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Software Pro Editor para Productos de Indicación
Software Pro Editor

Este software permite a los usuarios personalizar fácilmente sus propios indicadores con una amplia variedad de opciones de color y animación en el campo sin necesidad de IO-Link.

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Indicador Multicolor Programable Serie K30 Pro 30 mm
Indicador Multicolor Programable Serie K30 Pro 30 mm

El indicador compacto de 30 mm proporciona una indicación de estado más audaz y brillante, ofreciendo siete opciones de color de sólo tres entradas.

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