Key Benefits

Reliable Performance in Harsh Conditions

The ring light has a rugged, sealed construction and is available in models with a polycarbonate or borosilicate glass window. It mounts directly on the VE Series Smart Camera to create one IP67-rated unit that is protected against moisture, dust, dirt, heat, and other environmental challenges.

Easy Installation for Rapid Deployment

Simply attach the sealed ring light onto the threaded portion of the VE Series smart camera and connect the power cable to the light connection at the base of the camera. Together the ring light and the smart camera form a single device that is easy to install and is capable of illuminating surfaces and conducting complex inspections.

Simple Setup and Management

Sealed ring lights for the VE Series smart camera offer continuous or strobed operation. Users can set up the ring light directly from the camera using the on-board buttons or remotely using Vision Manager software, providing users with an intuitive user interface to manage both devices.

Bright, Uniform Illumination

Featuring six high-intensity LED lights, sealed ring lights for the VE Series provide bright, even illumination over a small area, reduce shadows on images with protrusions, and use color to create contrast in objects.

Green sealed ring light image
Green sealed ring light image
Red sealed ring light image
Blue sealed ring light image
White sealed ring light image
Sealed ring light (off) image

A Variety of Color Options to Solve Any Application

Sealed ring light for VE Series are available in blue, green, infrared, red and white. When illuminated by a ring light that is similar in color, objects appear lighter. Conversely, objects appear darker when illuminated by an opposite color on the color wheel.


  • Provides even illumination in applications where exposure to environmental challenges, such as moisture, heat, dust, and debris is expected
  • Can be used for additional protection or device security in many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, semiconductor and electronics, assembly, packaging, and material handling
For More Information

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  Borosillicate Glass Window Polycarbonate Window