Key Benefits

Increased Machine Uptime

Users can get their system up quickly and keep it running with little to no maintenance. Terminals are clearly labeled and located on the front of device. Fixed position push-in style spring clamp terminals ensure secure connections, even in applications with heavy shock and vibration. 

Simple, Cost-Effective Safety

The simple design and basic functions offered by the SR-IM Series make them our most affordable interface modules.

Solid Build, Compact Design

SR-IM Series interface modules are housed in a solid polycarbonate enclosure that mounts securely to the DIN rail. It has a sleek, compact form factor that saves space on the DIN rail and in the control panel. 

SR-IM-9A Interface Module Image

SR-IM-9A interface module with three normally open 6 amp redundant-output channels.

SR-IM-9A Interface Module Image
SR-IM-9A Interface Module Back Image
SR-IM-9A Interface Module with Bracket Image

SR-IM Series interface modules can be used as a relay with EDM-enabled primary safety devices, including many of our safety light curtains and safety grid systems. They can also be used to expand the available outputs of a safety controller and increase the switching current capacity of low voltage safety devices to 6 amps.

For More Information

Relés de Seguridad de Interfaz Serie SR-IM
Relés de Seguridad de Interfaz Serie SR-IM

Módulos de interfaz rentables que proporcionan contactos de salida de seguridad aislados para dispositivos de seguridad primarios con salidas de estado sólido o de contacto duro y capacidad de monitoreo de dispositivos externos (EDM).

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Model Features
SR-IM-9A Three normally open 6 amp redundant-output channels.
SR-IM-11A Two normally open redundant-output channels and one normally closed non-safety auxiliary output channel, all rated at 6 amps.