Key Benefits

Simple Setup for Rapid Deployment

The SX5-B can be set up in just a few simple steps using Banner's free configuration software. This robust software features menu-driven tools that guide users through setup and make it easy to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existing infrastructure and meet the specific needs of any application.

Reliable Operation in Industrial Environments

Minimize downtime associated with false trips caused by dust, dirt, and light. The SX5-B has an innovative optical design and offers advanced filtering capabilities to provide best-in-class immunity to dust, dirt, and light interference. Users can select the level of filtering and response time that best suits their application using the configuration software. 

Increased Machine Uptime

The SX5-B has on-board LED indicators and a large multi-segment color display that provide at-a-glance system status information so users can quickly identify zone breaches and resolve issues with a minimal amount of equipment downtime. 

Easy-to-Implement Dynamic Muting

To enable a free flow of material through the protected zones, muting sensors can be directly connected to the SX5-B, eliminating the expense and hassle of adding an external module or controller to enable muting. The SX5-B will create a tightly protected area with minimal dead zones surrounding the muted object while the muting function is active. 

SX5-B Safety Laser Scanners

Compact and easy-to-deploy, SX5-B safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard.

Versatility to Safeguard Challenging Spaces

The SX5-B has a compact, one-piece design that installs easily in any location without requiring time-consuming alterations to area infrastructure. The SX5-B scans a 275° area around the device, creating safety zones of up to 5.5 m and warning zones of up to 40 m. The safety scanner reliably safeguards large, complex, and irregularly shaped areas that would otherwise be protected by a combination of hard guarding, safety mats, and safety light curtains or grids.


SX5 Safety Laser Scanner Safeguards Access Points to a Robotic Weld Cell

An SX5-B safety laser scanner effectively protects access points to a robotic weld cell and increases machine uptime and productivity.  

SX5 Safety Laser Scanner Safeguards Access Points to a Robotic Weld Cell
SX5 Safety Laser Scanners Safeguard the Loading and Unloading Stations on a Pallet Transfer Conveyor

SX5-B safety laser scanners can be used to create horizontal and vertical detection zones to reliably safeguard areas, access points, and mobile equipment. They are commonly used to safeguard:

  • Operator load/unload stations
  • Automated production equipment
  • Robotic work cells
  • Assembly and packaging machines
  • Lean manufacturing systems
  • Areas frequently protected by safety mats
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