Key Benefits

Plug-and-play deployment: Pendant houses a wireless radio and an internal lithium battery capable of up to two years of operation for an easy, one-piece installation.

Untethered communication: Used as a handheld device or mounted to equipment, the pendant station can send status updates, acknowledgements, initiate processes, and actuate devices on or from remote and mobile devices.

Logical interface: Easy-to-see industry standard 22 mm push buttons available in multiple color options (red, yellow, green, blue, and white) allow users to choose the buttons that best fit the application visually and clearly communicate purpose.

Cost savings: Completely wireless solution eliminates the need for and expense of installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure, including hardware and labor costs as well as time and productivity costs.

Versatility: Simple wireless system adapts easily to changes in area infrastructure and layout and scales to meet changing needs.

Local indication of status: The multicolor LED indicator can be linked to the function of the pendant or to other inputs within the Sure Cross® wireless network it is a part of, providing at-a-glance status information.



  • Remote control of doors and gates, machines, and other devices
  • Call for parts, service, or pallet pickup
  • AGV control
  • Motor jog control
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