Banner Engineering Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor Provides Superior Machine Monitoring

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Minneapolis, MN—June 9, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its wireless vibration and temperature sensor. Designed to effectively monitor machines for increases in vibration and temperature, the sensor measures RMS velocity in inches per second or millimeters per second, and temperature. This enables the sensor to identify machine problems before they become too severe and cause additional damage or result in unplanned down time.

The sensor is optimized to work with 1-wire serial radio devices, such as Banner’s wireless Q45VT Node, the P6 Performance Node and the MultiHop M-H6 radio. Operators can easily set vibration thresholds based on the ISO 10816 standard. When a threshold has been exceeded, the wireless node can provide local indication, send the signal to a central location, and send the vibration and temperature data to the gateway for collection and trending.

“Banner’s wireless sensor provides continuous vibration and temperature measurements to quickly detect any machine failure or potential problems,” said Scott Pritchard, Director of Wireless Global Sales, Banner Engineering. “This allows facility managers to reduce labor costs by eliminating manual checks and the risk of human error.

The wireless vibration and temperature sensor is ideal for a variety of machine monitoring applications, including motors, pumps, blowers and many other types of machines throughout a facility.

Manufactured with a robust zinc alloy housing, Banner’s wireless vibration and temperature sensor provides reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions. The sensor also offers multiples mounting options, including hex screw, epoxy, thermal transfer tape or magnetic bracket mount, to accommodate diverse applications.

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QM42 Vibration & Temperature Series - Wireless
Serie QM42 para Vibración y Temperatura - Inalámbrico

El Sensor de Vibración y Temperatura QM42T facilita el monitoreo de la salud de una máquina. Mide la velocidad RMS y la temperatura de tal forma que los problemas pueden ser detectados antes de que se vuelvan muy severos y causen daño adicional o resulten en tiempo muerto no planeado. Cuando se empareja con un Nodo inalámbrico de Banner, puede proporcionar indicación local, enviar de forma inalámbrica la señal a una ubicación central y enviar los datos de la vibración y la temperatura al Gateway para recolección y tendencias.

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Nodos Q45 para Mantenimiento Predictivo
Nodos Q45 para Mantenimiento Predictivo

Los nodos seriales Sure Cross® Q45 de 1 cable están pre-mapeados para funcionar con los sensores seriales de 1 cable de Banner. Su tamaño compacto, baterías de litio integradas y una variedad de sensores compatibles facilitan el monitoreo remoto.

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