Accurate Label Inspection [Success Story]

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iVu Plus Remote TG Gen 2 sensors inspect plastic bottles conveyed on a production line, looking for misplaced labels. The remote touch screen displays image results and provides an intuitive user interface.

Customer Requirements: Label inspection on heavy-duty plastic bottles

Solution: iVu Plus Remote TG Gen 2

Why Banner? Ease of use—the iVu takes the complexity out of the customer’s application; it’s a simple-to-use and easy-to-install solution that allows remote access to the user interface

Customer Benefits

Improved quality control—the iVu quickly and reliably detects missing, skewed and double labels on bottles, ensuring customers receive quality products

Resource savings—with iVu realtime inspection, the customer spends less time and money on scrapping mislabeled bottles


An Ohio-based company produces heavy-duty plastic bottles for brands ranging from liquid laundry detergent and soft drinks to car care and lifestyle products. Product labeling is just one process that is fulfilled in their facility.


The company was experiencing several quality control issues—bottles were coming off the line with missing, skewed and double labels. As a result, the customer was scrapping over 2,000 bottles a month, a process which requires them to cut out the mislabeled portion of the bottles and re-grind the plastic for reuse. Further, the labeling errors began prompting serious customer complaints. To avoid scrapping additional bottles and losing loyal customers, the company came to Banner for a label inspection solution.


Banner installed two iVu Plus Remote TG Gen 2 cameras per line at the customer’s facility, allowing them to reliably inspect labeling on the front and back of various bottle types. Using the iVu’s Match tool, the customer can automatically verify that a specific label pattern, shape or part in any orientation matches a reference pattern, and the cameras can identify and sort up to ten unique products within a single inspection. When a bad label is detected, the part is pushed off the conveyor into a scrap bin.

With the easy-to-use touch screen interaction, the customer was able to set up the cameras in a matter of seconds, and the remote display is an ideal solution for hard-to-access cameras on the line—users can see inspection images and access the user interface from the non-integrated display. With the iVu solution, the customer can quickly and easily detect missing, skewed and double labels in real time, eliminating complaints and reducing the number of bottles scrapped.

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