Fine Detail Inspection for Mobile Electronic Devices

Cell Phone Inspection Image

Application: Confirm presence and correct orientation of very small electronic components on a printed circuit board

Challenge: Electronic components are very small and have tiny details

Solution: 5MP VE Series Smart Camera

Benefits: Fine levels of detection and wide field of view

The assembly of mobile electronics in a cleanroom environment, such as cell phones, requires very fine attention to detail. The densely populated electronic parts and connectors on circuit boards are incredibly small and errors are easily missed by manual inspection. Standard error proofing by employees is impractical and not reliable; however a parts analysis is required before electronics and cell phones move onto the next assembly station. Missing or improperly placed components leads to malfunctions and extra time and resources on recalls. 

Small Part Error Proofing with Five Megapixel Imager

The new 5MP VE Series Smart Camera allows for high-resolution inspection of each cell phone during assembly. The versatile camera successfully detects incredibly small details and confirms that all electronic components are in the correct location and orientation with the match tool. The measure tool can also be used to verify that everything is in the proper position.

Using an automatic solution eliminates human error and provides a more reliable solution. The 5MP imager and wide field of view makes it possible for a camera to pick up finer detail in a single image capture and can be installed closer to the target without compromising quality results. VE smart cameras are easy to install and use. There are a wide variety of tools available, such as the match and blemish tools, to adapt to many different applications. 

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VE Series Smart Camera
VE Series Smart Camera

Combine powerful inspection tools and capabilities with ease of use to maximize inspection uptime and facilitate rapid implementation.

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