Industrial Barcode Verification on Clear Labels

Industrial Bar Code Verification on Clear Labels Image

Application: Detecting codes on clear labels

Challenges: Clear labels provide very little contrast

Solution: Banner Engineering's iVu Plus with UV ring light

Benefits: UV ring light improves contrast and makes detection easier

Barcodes printed with clear ink are challenging to detect on labels since there is minimal contrast. It is vital that each label has a barcode to ensure the highest quality product and complete accuracy. Vision sensors are used to enhance contrast on clear labels for accurate detection in industrial barcode verification applications.


The iVu and iVu Plus with UV ring light are an ideal solution for detecting bar codes in a low contrast situation. The iVu is coupled with UV illumination for an all-in-one solution that improves contrast on clear labels so barcodes are easily detected. The iVu UV vision sensor provides 2-dimensional area inspection versus single point inspection with UV photoelectric sensors, which helps establish better contrast in this application.

With an intuitive touch screen interface that allows for simple configuration, troubleshooting, and changes, the operator can easily see that a barcode is present and accurate on each label as they pass by the vision sensor.

The iVu with UV ring light works well in many environments with a housing rated to IP67 and comes in two wavelengths of 365 and 395 nm. The UV illumination models are available with all iVu model features including MATCH, AREA, SORT, BLEMISH, BCR and others.

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