Measurement and Level Monitoring

Accessing accurate fill level data from tanks and other storage containers is critical to managing inventory, securing contents, and assuring quality and safety. Broad variations in contents and containers, as well as location and environmental conditions, can challenge the accuracy and timeliness of data from these assets, compromising its value. Banner solutions for measuring and monitoring fill levels are available in a range of sensing technologies to optimize detection for each unique target. Used in combination with our wireless products, these solutions can provide accurate, real-time data from assets deployed in remote and hard-to-access areas. 

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  1. Monitor Fill Level of Liquid in Mobile Drum

    The K50U wireless ultrasonic sensor was designed specifically as a non-contact level monitoring solution. Monitoring the levels of epoxy in drums during refill alerts staff of potential overflows before they become a problem.

  2. Liquid Level Monitoring

    Banner’s U-GAGE QT50U ultrasonic analog long distance sensor has a narrow sensing beam that works in confined areas, such as the tank, without interference from the tank walls and senses with an extended range up to 8 m. The ultrasonic sensor can be mounted to the center so that the beam spreads over the tank to detect the fluid level without interference, while signaling when to pump out excess liquid and pump in additional liquid.

  3. Liquid in Container Detection

    Banner combined the technology of WORLD-BEAM QS30 opposed mode sensors, which provide high excess gain, with a 1450 nm infrared sensing beam—specially tuned to an absorption band of water, to create the QS30H2O Water Sensor. In this application, the powerful sensing beam of the QS30H2O will burn through the opaque plastic of the container. At 1450 nm, water absorbs 1,000 times the energy of alternative wavelengths, preventing the beam from burning through the liquid within the container.

  4. Measuring Wear Patterns on Conveyor Belts [Success Story]

    Elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks are major investments in any facility’s infrastructure. This equipment is expected to operate safely and reliably for many years and with minimal downtime for maintenance. To meet these expectations, a large-scale manufacturer of vertical and conveyor transport equipment performs rigorous tests on all system components. The data that is collected helps the company estimate component life expectancy and plan service schedules.

  5. Bottle Fill Level Detection

    The Q4X analog sensor is set up in trigger mode and uses the averaging feature to provide a more consistent fill level measurement. Banner’s Q3X sensor, whose output wire is tied to the Q4X’s remote input wire, is used to detect the leading edge of the pill bottle and has a one-shot output timer setup based on the conveyor speed to determine when and how long the Q4X will measure.

  6. Inspecting Small Connectors [Success Story]

    An automotive supply company makes a range of vehicle systems. Their seating systems combine structure and design with features that enhance comfort and safety. Weight sensors installed on the underside of the seats work in coordination with vehicle safety systems to determine the size and position of a seat occupant. These factors affect how or if airbags will be deployed in the event of an accident.

  7. Sheet Metal Thickness Measurement

    The LH laser displacement sensor is a perfect solution because it is highly accurate and measures thickness at micron levels. The L-GAGE LH Series can also consistently look at dark targets on these levels. The LH’s 1024 pixel CMOS linear imager is capable of micrometer-level resolutions ranging from 1-10 microns, which gives it the ability to measure thickness of sheet metal quickly and accurately.

  8. Level Monitoring for Washdown Environments

    Banner’s U-Gage QT50U ultrasonic sensor excels at the most challenging level applications, bouncing sound off any solid surface—even those that may vary in consistency or contrast. The sensor is available with a Teflon-coated transducer cover, making it resistant to harsh chemicals and suitable for the food and beverage industry. Ultrasonic sensors are able to provide accurate monitoring of pump-controlled tanks by sending a continuous signal to measure the current tank depth.

  9. Level Monitoring On Rotary Filler System

    Banner’s SureCross wireless system can easily transmit temperature, pressure and fill levels to a local PLCs. The wireless system will seamlessly alert operators if bottling is occurring below the desired fill level. This helps prevent errors and leads to greater consistency in bottled beverages. Consistent fill levels mean no recalls—and no wasted products. Using a wireless system also eliminates the need for slip rings on the rotary filler, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

  10. Day Tank Level Monitoring

    Using a wireless level monitoring system, day tank fill levels are now monitored continuously so that materials are maintained at a specific quantity. Because these tanks are slowly filled or depleted, ultrasonic sensors can be used to measure the tank levels without false readings or tank wall interference. With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower™ Nodes are deployed at each tank without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with a T30UF ultrasonic analog level sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply. Remotely located tank sensor readings can be forwarded to a host system for data tracking, sending e-mail alerts, or to trigger specific events, such as refilling the tank. Tank resources are only filled when necessary to maintain customer-defined levels. Time is no longer wasted performing routine refills on tanks that did not need to be refilled.

  11. Sensors to Measure Movement Range

    During assembly, inspections are conducted to measure seat height adjustment, forward and rearward movement, and upright and recline motion. Two sensors are used for each inspection. The sensors are deployed off the conveyor line to ensure easy access to and the free movement of the seats. At its maximum range during inspection, a seat may be as far as a meter away from the sensors.

  12. Carton Stack Height

    The two-point teach option on the Q4X analog laser measurement sensor is used to teach the full and empty magazine. Manual adjustment can be used to fine tune the output. The analog output provides a real time gauge of the stack height. This allows the cartoner machine to have several “call for parts” set points without having to manually move the sensor. The Q4X is a robust, rugged stainless steel sensor ideal for use in many industrial, factory environments.

  13. Monitoring Flammable Fluid Levels in a Recycling Facility

    Alternative data collection solutions are possible with Banner’s DX99 900 MHz radios in CID1 housings and the B/W Prostick magnetostrictive level devices. Using the appropriate antenna barrier, the result is a Class 1 Division 1 wireless monitoring solution that provides real-time data anywhere within the facility. With the battery powered DX99 units and the loop powered Prostick, installation into the 8' flanged tanks takes only a few minutes.

  14. Case Stacker Inventory and Presence Detection

    The two point teach option on the analog setting can be used teach the front of the flat cases as the 20 mA point and can easily be adjusted for a manual set of the 4 mA to the end of the cases. This helps gauge how many flat cases are left, so more cases can be added when the case count is getting low. The digital output can also be used for presence detection. This helps ensure there is a case available to be picked up, and also ensures only one box is picked up at a time.

  15. Remote Fill Level Indicator

    A brew pub uses EZ-LIGHT indicator lights as a remote display of the status of the levels in the brew tanks. The indicators are connected to ultrasonic sensors within the tanks that cannot be monitored easily.

  16. Monitoring Salt Water Disposal Tanks

    Automatically monitoring the tank levels and controlling the pumps out in the gas field eliminates human error and can more quickly prevent costly spills. When the battery of salt water tanks is filled, a signal is sent wirelessly from the tank battery to the field pump to shut down the well. When the tank battery and pump are separated by miles of terrain, Banner’s MultiHop radios are an ideal solution.

  17. Wireless Tank Farm Monitoring in Unsafe or Harsh Conditions

    With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower Nodes are deployed at each tank without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with a pressure sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply.

  18. Consistent Dough Height Measurement [Success Story]

    The dough for one of the company’s many popular breakfast cereals must fall within specific height parameters to ensure that it will have the perfect flake. Dough that is too thick will emerge from baking stiff and heavy. Dough that is too thin will crumble easily. This impacts the quality, taste and texture of the final product as well as product weight and packaging. Any product that does not meet the rigorous quality standards of the company will not be shipped or sold on the consumer market.

  19. Wireless Tank Level Analysis in Unsafe or Harsh Conditions

    Banner’s SureCross DX99 wireless FlexPower Nodes offer Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and Zone 0 certifications for installations requiring Intrinsically Safe operation. With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower Nodes are deployed at each tank without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with a pressure sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply.

  20. Tank Level, Pressure, and Temperature Monitoring

    To wirelessly monitor and report level, pressure, and temperatures in the rotary fillers, each rotary filler was equipped with a FlexPower Node and DX81P6 6-pack battery supply. The FlexPower Node had two 0–20 mA analog inputs and one thermistor input while the battery pack supplied power to the Node and sensors for more than a year. A level probe, pressure transmitter, and thermistor (not supplied by Banner) were connected to the FlexPower Nodes and installed in the rotary tanks.

  21. Fill Level of Dry Material in a Hopper

    An L-GAGE LT3 laser distance-gauging sensor, mounted above the hopper, measures the distance to the material's irregular surface, enabling a PLC to calculate the bin’s fill level.

  22. Indicating Pump Panel Status

    Banner's tower lighting solutions, such as an EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Light, can be mounted on top of the pump panel to easily communicate the status of the pump. The highly visible light tower allows employees to quickly check the panel, without needing to open the panel door. Multiple lights can be on simultaneously, so several messages can be conveyed at once, and the audible alert provides indication that the pump is overheating and immediate attention is required.

  23. Storage Tank Monitoring with a Wireless Network

    Sensors connected to a wireless network monitor the fluid level in storage tanks. Because only 120V ac power is available at the tanks, the SureCross wireless network converts the available line power. The weather-resistant SureCross devices are protected against the elements, preventing time-consuming maintenance.

  24. Liquid Soap Level Detection

    The WORLD-BEAM QS18U ultrasonic sensor monitors the level of soap in a tank in a car wash. The sensor is mounted atop the reservoir, aiming through the transparent top. The sound waves bounce off the surface of the liquid.

  25. Log Measurement

    In this application, an EZ-ARRAY measuring light screen is being used to measure the length of the log. The EZ-ARRAY determines the total number of beams that are blocked by the log and communicates the length of the log to an operator station by sending the information to the system controller in the form of a MODBUS RTU-485 output. The operator station controller then provides a number of options to the operator, who selects which cuts are made.

  26. Wireless Monitoring Retrofit in a Pre-Certified Facility

    SureCross Nodes with FlexPower and Banner U-GAGE QT50U analog sensors quickly and easily facilitate these monitoring requirements without new construction and wiring. The FlexPower Node transmits the sensor data back to the Gateway device. When using a Gateway Pro, data is logged and alerts can be sent when fluid levels reach critical levels.

  27. Wireless Water Treatment Monitoring in Unsafe or Harsh Conditions

    In most waste water installations, the locations are not wired for power or data transfers. With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower Nodes are deployed at each holding unit without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with an ultrasonic analog level sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply.

  28. Measuring the Height of Baked Bread [Success Story]

    The bakery’s multi-staged baking process begins with mixing, kneading and fermentation and completes with proofing, baking and cooling. At each stage, experienced bakers perform quality checks for appearance, texture, size and weight. Loaves that do not meet the company’s standards are rejected for consumer sales. The company needed to build-in system capabilities to help them better manage their resources and maintain quality standards.

  29. Long-Range Position Detection

    In a warehouse, the time-of-flight L-GAGE LT7 laser sensor gauges the position of a retrieval shuttle as far as 250 m away from the sensor.

  30. Long-Range Feature Detection

    Occasionally, work stations and conveyors do not have the space available to mount sensors close to the material they intend to detect. In these scenarios, a solution is needed that can detect small items from a long distance.

  31. Tank Farm Monitoring

    With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower Nodes are deployed at each tank without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with an ultrasonic analog level sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply. A DX80 FlexPower Node offers a combination of discrete and analog I/O in a single package, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data collection.

  32. Water, Waste Water, and Wireless Tank Monitoring

    In most waste water or tank farm installations, the locations are not wired for power or data transfers. SureCross wireless Nodes and pressure or ultrasonic sensors can precisely monitor critical holding tank levels, sending data to a SureCross Gateway in a remote control center. Monitoring multiple data points including fill level, pH, conductivity, temperature, or flow is simplified using a single FlexPower Node with four analog inputs.

  33. Accurately Measuring Bakery Ingredients [Success Story]

    Baking is a mixture of creativity, precision and attention to detail. The Wilkinson Baking Company has added technical innovation to the mix. The Wilkinson Bread Bakery is a compact, completely self-contained and fully automated bread bakery. This unique machine combines technology with tradition to transform simple raw ingredients into bakery fresh bread at 40 loaves an hour.

  34. Fluid Level Control in a Forming Tank

    To create a ceramic form, a vacuum is applied to a ceramic fiber suspended in an aqueous solution. Float mechanisms are ineffective for level control because the fiber adheres to the float, rendering it inoperable. Instead, a T30 UHPA ultrasonic sensor with pump in/pump out logic is used, with the power supply and 24 volt DC relay housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure behind the production line. The sensor is impervious to the washdown at the end of each shift.

  35. Retrofitting a Lake Level Monitoring System

    The existing lake level measurement system at Moncks Corner, South Carolina was aging and needed to be upgraded to newer technology. The new components, however, needed to use wireless technology for transmitting data to avoid having to run wire from the top of the dam to the dam office, located about a quarter of a mile away.

  36. Water Tower Level Monitoring and Pump Control

    A submersible pressure sensor and float switches connected to a FlexPower™ Node provide constant monitoring of water tower levels and wirelessly transmits data to a Gateway mounted near the pumps.

  37. Monitoring Retention Pond Levels

    Large facilities may have several runoff ponds in widely distributed locations. Using a wireless monitoring system eliminates the need for someone to drive out to each pond to monitor water levels.

  38. Landfill Leachate and Ground Well Monitoring

    A single FlexPower™ Node equipped with a counter input and submersible pressure sensor/transmitter can be used to reliably monitor both the leachate level and the pump. The submersible pressure transmitter monitors the leachate level while the counter counts pump strokes used to remove that leachate.

  39. Controlling Pumps Using a Solar-Powered Repeater System

    A Performance Mapping (PM2) Gateway and two PM2 Nodes (900 MHz, 1 W models), using the 1R mapping option, transmit the signal from the reservoir to the pump station. One of the Nodes was installed at the reservoir with the float switch as its input. A solar panel was used to power the float switch and the Node. The Gateway, also powered by a solar panel, was installed part way down the hill to act as a repeater and ensure the signal was strong between the reservoir and the pump station. The second Node was wired into the pump station’s PLC. When the signal from the float switch indicated the reservoir’s levels were low, the pump turned on.

  40. Monitoring Height of Tortilla Dough [Success Story]

    A US producer of authentic Mexican foods, such as tortillas and tostadas, strives to provide the best-tasting and freshest products for its consumers. In order to achieve this goal, consistency on the packaging line is key. The company was looking for a way to eliminate inconsistencies in their tortillas. Because they did not have a way to continuously monitor dough thickness on the production line, the dough nips often turned out either too high or too low, resulting in irregular tortilla sizes and weights. If a package of tortillas is under weight, it must be scrapped. In order to help eliminate waste and improve product consistency, the company worked with Banner to find a monitoring solution.

  41. Waste Water Management in a Land-fill Site

    After careful consideration of several systems, the operators of the landfill determined that the Banner Wireless system was the only solution that could meet all imposed standards and seamlessly co-exist with other devices already in place at their site. With the help of integrator Wilson Mohr, they were able to create a system that could take data from below ground and make it accessible at the desk of the end user. One battery powered Node at the top of each well powers the radio and the ultrasonic analog level sensor. Each Node is equipped with a specialized low-power 4-20 mA analog level sensor and one 10-30V dc powered Gateway controls the system. The Data Radio and Modbus master controller module enhance portability of data and an omni-directional antenna extends the range of Gateway-Node communication up and over the hill and across the landfill site. Cutting-edge power management capabilities and an internal battery eliminate long haul cabling and create a greatly-reduced cost of installation. The wireless devices also have built-in diagnostic properties that send out alarms prior to complete shutdown, minimizing down time. They are also completely scalable and can adapt as the operators fill in and create new wells.

  42. Non-Contact Fill Level Verification

    Banner’s QS30H2O sensor is a specialized sensor developed to address challenges with sensing the presence of water and water-based liquids. The QS30H2O operates in a through beam sensing mode and the emitter uses a wavelength that is tuned to not pass through water. The high excess gain of the sensor makes it powerful enough to see through an assortment of plastic and glass containers. Two pairs of sensors can be utilized to determine that the fill level has met minimum but is not overfilled and wasting product. Apertures can be placed on the receiver end to minimize the beam pattern and increase accuracy of the application. This ensures products that do not meet fill level criteria are not processed or shipped.

  43. Monitoring Content Levels inside a High-Volume Hopper

    Banner’s LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensor features high excess gain, superior signal control and automatic adaptive laser power control. These features enable reliable detection of the chewing gum from up to 12 meters away, regardless of color or reflective surfaces inside the hopper.

  44. Loop Control of Shiny Black Tread Rubber during Tire Production

    LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors offer tremendous accuracy over distances and are unaffected by target color or reflectivity, making them an ideal solution for monitoring loops of tread rubber. They feature high excess gain, superior signal control and automatic adaptive laser power control. Combined, these features enable reliable detection of challenging dark and reflective targets from a distance and at an angle.

  45. Part Presence and Position Verification on a Car Door from a Distance

    LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors support a sensing range of up to 12 meters and can detect objects at or from an angle, allowing the sensor to be installed away from the inspection area where it will not come into contact with equipment or be exposed to hazards.

  46. logo with r symbol

    • Monitor stack height of plastic trays • Washdown environment • High-speed production line

  47. Tank Level Monitoring

    Using K50U ultrasonic sensors and Q45U wireless nodes paired to a DXM100 wireless controller, we can develop a wireless monitoring system for multiple tank level measurements that is easy to set up, interpret the results, and monitor locally through a cloud-based system.

  48. Precise Crankshaft Runout Measurement

    Crankshaft runout measurements must be monitored continuously to ensure that they meet tolerance requirements. Learn how LM Series laser measurement sensors solve this difficult application.