Blemish Detection on Bandage

Blemish Detection on Bandage Image


Pharmaceutical products, such as bandages, are produced in mass quantities and require thorough inspection before being packaged. Quality checks are extremely important to ensure every material meets certain standards, especially with such a highly automated process. By recognizing blemishes on a pharmaceutical product, the manufacturing process can be stopped and examined by operators so they can fix the problem and prevent additional waste.


The iVu TG and iVu Plus TG are the perfect sensors to monitor materials and ensure that they meet quality standards. With an easy-to-use LCD flat-panel touch screen, the iVu gives the operator complete control and immediate feedback for setup and monitoring of products. There are three sensor types, including area, match and blemish, which is the best mode for this application.

The compact, rugged package of the iVu blemish sensor is ideal because it can detect any flaws present on the bandage by completing inspection checks and rejecting parts of the bandage where the blemishes are too numerous or larger than acceptable.

A blemish sensor can ideally be set up for situations where there are variable materials or where lighting is uneven. The blemish sensor can then be configured for certain exposure, gain and focus to ensure a good image is being taken when inspecting bandages or other pharmaceutical materials. The iVu TG and Plus TG sensors also have three different mounting options to fit user needs for placement on the manufacturing line and have no need for an external PC.

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