Key Benefits

One Software to Solve More Applications

Vision Manager provides users with an intuitive software interface to manage Banner vision products, including iVu vision sensors, iVu Color sensors, iVu barcode readers, and VE Series smart cameras. This robust software platform provides a full set of powerful tools to solve a wide range of applications, such as item detection, matching, part positioning, color verification, and reading 1D and 2D barcodes.

Easy-to-Use Software Simplifies Operation

Vision Manager software for iVu has an intuitive operating environment with a graphical user interface and menu-driven tools that will be recognizable to iVu users. These features, combined with the familiar operation and increased screen size provided by a PC, makes it even easier to manage one or more iVu Series devices.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Vision Manager software installed on a PC can be used to setup, manage, and monitor multiple iVu Series devices from any network-enabled location, onsite or offsite, providing users with tremendous flexibility in managing multiple devices on their network.

Cost Savings

Users preferring to manage their iVu Series devices with a PC eliminate the expense and time of purchasing and installing a separate touchscreen, or the added expense of purchasing an iVu Series device with an integrated touchscreen.

iVu Series Vision Sensors

The iVu combines the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor with the intelligence of a smart camera. iVu Vision Sensors can be used to monitor parts for type, size and orientation or position, while the iVu color can additionally monitor parts for color or color variations. Use iVu barcode readers to solve traceability applications.


  • iVu vision sensors monitor parts for type, size, orientation or position.
  • iVu Color vision sensors build on the inspection capabilities offered by iVu vision sensors by enabling inspections based on color or variations in color, as well as by type, size, orientation, or position.
  • The iVu BCR is an imager-based 1D and 2D barcode reader that solves traceability applications.
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業界首創支援觸控螢幕的視覺感測器。 將光電感測器的簡單性與視覺感測器的智慧相結合。

Vision Manager 軟體
Vision Manager 軟體

Vision Manager 軟體是為了快速及簡單的設定所設計。 不同程度的使用者,無論是新手或進階,都可以輕鬆瀏覽及操作使用者介面、調整功能和工作日誌功能,同時只需很少的技術支援或幾乎無須額外支援。


iVu BCR提供進階的條碼讀取功能,可在空間有限、堅固的封裝中達成進階可追溯性的解決方案,提供整合觸控螢幕或遠距觸控螢幕,便於設定和監測。