Key Benefits

Simple Setup Saves Time and Costs

Simple Setup Saves Time and Costs

Setup your tank monitoring system in a few simple steps: plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install the sensors, enter tank depth, and set thresholds for warnings and alarms. Use the collected data to create more accurate forecasts and direct decisions.

Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency

Access to accurate, timely data makes it easy to monitor multiple assets and reduce unplanned downtime by allowing staff and supervisors to strategically plan site visits to refill, remove, or replace tanks based on actual need, as well as staff and resource availability.

Local and Remote Monitoring

Visualize tank levels, create alerts, store, and analyze critical data from multiple assets using the Wireless Solutions Kit for Tank Monitoring and Q45UA tank level sensors (sold separately). Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with Q45UA sensors and an independent DXM wireless controller.


Easily monitor and collect data from multiple assets. A Q45UA sensor can move with a container or easily be redeployed on a new container. Assets can be moved, removed, and replaced without altering the wireless infrastructure. Tanks can be monitored while in place or in motion at a site.

Wireless Solutions Kit for Monitoring Vibration Contents Image
The Wireless Solutions Kit for Tank Monitoring includes a 10.1" HMI with LAN connection to a DXM wireless controller, a 5-port industrial Ethernet switch, circuit breaker, power supply, and terminals housed in a polycarbonate enclosure.
Remote Tank Level Monitoring with the K50U

Banner’s K50U series of ultrasonic sensors were developed specifically to monitor remote and mobile tanks and totes. Use the K50U with one of Banner’s wireless nodes for a complete monitoring solution. Prevent your operations from being unexpectedly disrupted because of an empty tank with Banner’s tank monitoring solution.


Wireless solutions kits for tank monitoring can be used to monitor content levels in remote and mobile tanks, totes, drums, and other containers, including monitoring: 
  • Chemical totes 
  • Day tanks
  • Drums & barrels
  • Supply tanks
  • Epoxy totes
  • Storage bins
  • Cutting fluids
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Tank Level Solutions Kit Model Key

Wireless Solutions Kit for Tank Monitoring Model Key

Q45UA All-in-One Tank Level Sensor Models

Model Frequency Description
DX80N9Q45UAC 900 MHz Q45 Node with Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor
DX80N2Q45UAC 2.4 GHz Q45 Node with Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor