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  • Profiling Clear Glass Plates and Detecting Broken Edges

    Clear Glass Detection Image

    Application: Detecting the presence of glass on a conveyor

    Challenges: Clear objects allow light to pass through them, making reliable detection dificult

    Solution: EZ-ARRAY Clear Object Measuring Light Curtains 

    Benefits: Custom EZ-ARRAY receivers are designed to detect low contrast edges of clear glass plates

    Clear objects, such as glass, present unique challenges in profiling and edge detection applications where measuring light curtains are commonly used. Sensing beams from the light curtain will often see through the clear glass and miss detection.


    Banner Engineering offers a special class of EZ-ARRAY Series measuring light curtains that are specifically designed to detect clear objects in clean industrial environments. By customizing standard EZ-ARRAY receivers to successfully detect low contrast and operate at a lower sensing range (30 to 1500 mm), Banner has enabled EZ-ARRAY Clear Object Measuring Light Curtains to detect translucent objects such as glass.

    In the application shown, the EZ-ARRAY is mounted above and below the glass plate, looking for the edges as it travels on a conveyor. Beam status can be tied to a corresponding measurement mode and converted to analog values. The data can also be sent out of the Modbus 485 wires to a PLC or HMI panel.

    Contact an Engineer to discuss your specific application requirements. 

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