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Key Benefits

Increased Processing Power and Memory

DXM Series wireless controllers now have three times more processing power and eight times more memory than was previously available. Along with this comes an additional 2000 standard volatile registers, 1000 non-volatile registers and 1500 floating point registers for increased data capacity and flexibility in generating solutions.  This improvement also expands the ScriptBasic programming capabilities offered by the DXM Series and enables larger scripts and faster script processing.

Rugged Housing for Harsh Environments

The robust, IP67 rated housing of the DXM1200 easily installs in most environments without the need for an additional enclosure. With peel-and-stick implementation, bring the improved processing power and memory of the DXM into challenging applications without hassle. 

Easy Access to Critical Equipment Data

By integrating a wireless radio, cellular and Ethernet connectivity, and local I/O, DXM Series wireless controllers make it easy to connect devices in local wireless networks with the internet and/or host systems. A DXM can collect data from sensors and other input devices, log the data, communicate status updates to other devices on the network, and send email and text notifications for user-defined events. Collected data can be sent to a Cloud Webserver or PLC for remote monitoring and analysis.


Complete, End-to-End IIoT Solutions

Build on the features and capabilities offered by the DXM by using our Connected Data Solutions cloud software. Powerful tools built into the software make it easy to access and analyze data from each device in the network, establish performance baselines and thresholds, identify trends and issues, and make better decisions about your equipment and assets.


The DXM Industrial Wireless Controller can be used in numerous factory automation and IIoT applications including:

  • Pick-to-light assembly
  • Kitting or order fulfillment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
For More Information

Industrial Wireless Controller: DXM Series
Industrial Wireless Controller: DXM Series

The DXM controller series integrates Banner's wireless radio, cellular and Ethernet connectivity, and local I/O to provide a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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