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Key Benefits

Reduce costs with simple mounting and installation

The Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit is an integrated solution that consists of an enclosure, a DXM controller, a HMI, plus direct connections for PTL110 devices and power. The integrated device and power decrease installation costs, improves picking sequences, and ensures flexible pick functionality. The combination of pick-to-light devices and the Pick-to-Light Solutions kit help manufacturers reduce the risk of error in the assembly process, boosting product quality and reducing labor cost.

Fast, scalable solution to maximize productivity

The Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit is powered by PICK-IQ, a purpose-built serial bus protocol that maintains high speeds even in networks with high device count. Direct connection between the box and PICK-IQ devices provide the ideal solution for production lines and fulfillment stations that require many pick points while maintaining a rapid pace to exceed productivity targets.

Solve more applications with flexible pick functionality

PICK-IQdevices optimize application performance with options including optical sensor, touch button and display. Combined with additional accessories and sensor devices, the Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit visually guide operators to pick the correct parts, in the right quantities and the proper sequence. This reduces errors and defects and increases productivity by eliminating a common source of wasted time like checking and re-checking instructions.


The Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit is an ideal easy-to-add solution in industries that require highly visible indication, such as automotive and general assembly. In addition to having all the components necessary for time-saving installation, it improves safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Pick-to-light assembly
  • Order fulfillment
  • Put-to-light stocking
  • Kitting
  • Sequencing
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Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit
Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit

Banner's new Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit for improved productivity in picking systems is an easy-to-use solution to reduce error during the assembly process.

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