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Key Benefits

Reduce downtime and increase efficiency

Machine downtime can be costly for any company and identifying the problem can be time-consuming. The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator can be mounted on a sensor for 360 degree-visibility of power and status. With its highly visible body, it allows workers to identify and troubleshoot problems faster, which decreases downtime. Response time is quicker since the S15L is easily accessible, can be mounted anywhere, and is easy to use. In-line connection allows for simple problem identification.

Simple setup and management

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator enables rapid integration into existing applications. It can be applied not only to Banner sensors, actuators, and touch buttons, but also a wide variety of industrial 4- and 5- pin devices. It can be connected directly to the quick disconnect of most sensors, so no additional hardware is necessary. A double ended cable can also be used to connect the S15L anywhere in-between the sensor and the power source. Whether it is used for jam-detection on a conveyor belt or to pinpoint a sensor with active output status and is hidden within a machine, its over-molded design is reliable and rugged to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Bright, highly visible indication

The 4 LEDs contained in the device produce two colors, green and yellow or green and red, to identify power and output status. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for bright indication in tight spaces. For example, the S15L can be placed in-line with part in place sensors that may not be visible to the operator to indicate that the sensor power is on (green) or that the part is in place and the output is active (yellow or red).


S15L w QS18

S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator indicates active output status connected in-line with the QS18

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is an ideal accessory in industries that require highly visible indication, such as automotive, material handling, and general assembly. This bright indicator improves safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Bright indication to mimic sensor power and output status
  • Two-color indicators available with green to show power and yellow or red to mimic the output status
  • Rugged over-molded design meets IEC IP66, IEC IP67, and IEC IP68
  • Connected directly to a sensor or anywhere in-line for easy visual indication
  • Models available with PNP and NPN inputs
For More Information

S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator
S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is a two color indicator light that indicates power and output status. Its inline connection, over-molded design and bright indication create a cost-effective solution that can be applied to most 4- or 5-pin devices with an output.

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