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Key Benefits

Small Profile

The TTR roller conveyor sensor’s half inch in diameter, thin profile design fits easily in the gap between rollers. It mounts to standard hex and round side rail holes or can be mounted using the integral T-Slot. The sensor does not protrude above the conveyor or side rails for mounting, preventing damage to the sensor from material flowing past the sensor. It can be built-to-order in customer-specified between frame length and beam spacing: 200 to 965 mm with two to seven sensors in a compact metal housing.

Versatile Design for Any Application

The TTR sensor bar has no small parts to handle during installation. It features quick installation of up to seven diffuse sensors spaced across the conveyor. The patent pending spring-loaded endcaps reduce installation and alignment time by approximately 50%, as opposed to a traditional polarized retro sensor and retroreflective target installation.

Reliable Detection of Thin Packages and Boxes

TTR sensor bar’s Diffused Mode senses from the bottom and can detect very thin envelopes or sheets, boxes, polybags, and totes. When an object on a conveyor blocks any of the beams, the sensor indicates that a package is detected. The TTR is resistant to ESD damage, a common challenge in dry climates when plastic rollers are used. It features resistance to fluorescent light sources, a robust aluminum extrusion, and adhesive bonded lenses.


  • Reliable leading edge detection of letters, thin packages, poly bags, totes, boxes, and other products on roller conveyors
  • Accumulation sensors are used every 2 to 3 feet on the conveyor and provide an input to the local motorized roller controller to advance or stop a box
  • Diverting sensor is used to confirm that the package has been moved to the correct location or direction and that the zone is clear
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TTR Series Roller Conveyor Sensor
TTR Roller Conveyor Sensor

The Through-the-Roller sensor bar reliably detects very thin or irregular objects from between the conveyor rollers. The TTR features quick installation of up to seven diffuse sensors spaced across the conveyor width.

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